why we need more


i don’t do so many checklists, to do, etc. i even prefer doing groceries more often so i won’t need those lists.

but science wouldn’t exist without checklists.

and neither could i take much longer than a week without one for proper groceries.

but why do we need more?

i could quickly find this checklist i made 5 years ago, in 2015. it’s an incomplete and outdated one, but even today i’m having issues in finding such a good podcast player. because most got the checklist wrong!

it’s not just about getting the right items, but also in the right priority. as a rule of thumb, for building stuff in 1 month, you want over 100 items well summarised in less than 20 checks, so 5 items per day, for 20 days, [on average].

and this list could go on and on: search engines, email, agriculture, house building, cities politics, basically almost everything we have built today, all those tools, are made upon weak checklists.

no wonder why “the system” is so broken.

let’s just take it all from scratch and give more love to them, shall we? 🥰