the best free email for you! (alpha)


the idea is simple.

[google] sucks. gmail is awesome, but it’s google (and filled with too many flaws). the alternatives suck even more.

we need something much better.

so we will make it. and it’s not even that hard to make…

but why are they bad? and what would be good?

it’s all about finding the sweet chaotic and harmonic balance in the middle, and keep dancing with the music!



the main instance here is the incentive to never delete: just let the system take care of the spam and use awesome search to find what you need. like in the internet. but this is wasted resources in many ways.

  • the computer power needed is mostly subsidised. first by seed investment, then selling your data… but the problem here isn’t [privacy] as much as the resources that only a behemot can pretend to be cheap. it takes a toll on the world.
  • eventually your mailbox gets so big that it’s literally impossible to migrate anywhere else, because nobody else can afford that much storage per user!

most of the english internet today revolves around this idea of fake digital abundancy… and use email for registration, without making a whitelis, because then they can build a mailing list that nobody reads… the whole “never delete” concept is flawed.


too much.

centralization can be used for good. a central point for finding information, for instance, like yellow pages, encyclopedia, or DNS. a central kitchen, for meeting around a central time.

but the internet was born and grew up focusing a lot more on [redundancy] and decentralization. email is still today one of the easiest tools to enforce backup. still, gmail adds a lot of imcompatible standards of its own and makes it virtually impossible to backup everything there.

on top of it, it offers no backup on its own. you can easily lose it all unless you had setup a backup manually. all because it introduced the convenience of the webmail, while forgetting to keep up at very least a local backup on your machine.

it’s also not free nor cheap to use your own domain, which is really the only way to change host without changing address, for those who care for an extra layer of decentralization.


it just fills up with too many emails. i personaly have signed up everywhere because i trust its spam filter, but i still end getting way too many subscriptions, some that i’ve subscribed with the intent to read, but never do.

because that’s the incentive! there are filters for updates, social, promos, and whatever. too many things that nobody cares.

there’s no incentive to UNSUBSCRIBE. to [DELETE]. and to “stop filling up your room with trash”. it’s easy to fall for that idea, however some level of absence is not only healthy, but needed!


obviously TK





unlike all the bad, they’ll always be [FOSS] and easy to migrate out (no lock in). sadly, google take out is still a big lock-in scam made with every good intent (like most of this world’s evil). it simply doesn’t work most of the times.


it gets almost everything right on the basis. and it’s made mainly by a single person.

look at the only 2 cons over slant:

  • No Microsoft exchange server support
  • UI has changed a lot since one year and is now one of the best

the only thing that it really gets wrong is that it has way too many options. there should be way more defaults assumed and most of the options be only visible after turning an “advanced settings” toggle.

delta chat

you really don’t even need an email client or, mostly, any other messenger. this does it all!

this is a lot out of the box thinking and eventually everyone will learn about this kind of idea.

the main difficulty on using this amazing app is finding an email provider that supports new email protocols, such as push IMAP (no proton or outlook) and ideally won’t need extra configuration due to stupid requests (such as gmail oauth).


with so many great client alternatives, all we are missing is a mail host. one that will keep all messages for as much as we want. free and cheap (to upgrade), TK

we went trhough a lot of options from the delta list to [stfw](/stfw): no good options were found! that’s why we also will reach out to all of them and if we get no agreement with anyone, means we will have to build something.

building something means finding a good host (we’ll have to find one for our [hosting] plans anyway), a good foss ready solution.