good ads with free content are possible

big ad

wait, is it actually possible to have both? how about most [google] products?

those are not [really] free. what [free] even means?

let’s cut it down in pieces… and keep it simple.

free, in most contexts and in here, means no money needed. free of charge. free candy. free ads.

in this sense, a free ad would mean for the ad target that we don’t have to pay to see it. easy, that’s almost every ad.

it could also mean, for who’s advertising, a way to advertise without paying. now, that’s much more unusual, but far from uncommon. mouth to mouth is free ad in this sense. so are bad (and good) reviews. not so much average ones.

so what?

our point here isn’t about either of those.

we’re taking about free content, which is usually accompanied by bad and paid ads, which sponsor the content.


more in specific, whoever builds content tend to do it looking for some sort of profit. and that, in turn, lead to start by investing heavily and then capitalising with the consolidated working formula of adding sponsors who use the medium to advertise.

big whoopie news, sherlock!

now we’re hopefully on the same page.

but can you already see where we’re going next?

there’s no silver bullet. no one size fits all answer to how making good content free and free from annoyances, such as terrible ads.

but here’s at least a couple of ideas:

  • don’t depend on your content for living. the same rule should be applied to politics, by the way, and;

  • get sponsored by such political parties who earn money by “donation”. or, in other words, people who are not always pursuing profit, even if they’re always needing money (like all of us).

there’s clearly a new monetary model being developed, some evolution from capitalism and perhaps even merging with socialism… something else. but, it doesn’t even have a name, yet. so, meanwhile, let’s just drop the bullshit from our lives, shall we?

it’s simple.

if we feel, at all, that whatever we’re doing might be something we wouldn’t like other people do it to us, then stop doing it!

and if other people let us know that we’re doing it, then pay attention!

of course, most people have no idea how hard our life is, or would be, if we risk losing everything we have acquired and achieved by just doing what we know is right. by being brave.

but how much more do we even need? haven’t we got enough already? where’s the gratitude for the present? the gift of today?

in the case of content makers… guess what? we all make content.

even more than a bunch of people probably read even this gigantic brain dump. which might interest nobody else. it’s still content done exactly like i’d hope you’ll now do!

cheers! 😘