it will even steal candy from a child, metaphorically at least


google have been evil at least since 2012. but i was childishly blind.

i believed their great engineering was worth the cost. after all, as “the man of exact sciences” i am (for whatever that means), i know that’s all that [really] matters: great engineering.

what i missed, however, is just how fundamentally misleading that engineering was. what’s the point of building the best possible bridge over a huge river connecting nothing to nowhere? or, even worse, like google does, connecting an imaginary land to the abyss.

not to mention how any of the actual engineering feat is made possible. in short: by being completely and unapologetically diabolic.

you might have guessed by now that [i’m degoogling my life] because, even technically, google blows terribly (in the sum of the whole).

below are my many reasons why google is evil and bad… most reasons which can be applied to about every single huge group (sadly), or piece of software that’s not [foss].


TK allow me to just point to [my sadest story with google], in which they literally stole me $999 usd.


TK [here’s another story]. in short, there are some alternative… but i’m also learning to just quit some conveniences when they’re poisonous to the whole. such as this.


  • claims to be cheap, but it’s freaking expensive


  • incentive for never deleting an email makes too much clutter.
  • even though it’s email, it’s almost impossible to migrate out if you use all its closed sourced features
  • custom domain ain’t free (yes, there are alternatives)


  • outdated concept. see or airtable. (still looking for a good foss, although there might not be anything other than mediawiki)


  • nextcloud


  • just use lbry with nextcloud
  • even the duck is better


it’s not all terrible in the googleplex…




free software must be open or it ain’t really free. and closed software isn’t sustainable. google doesn’t care.