looking for [death]?

little hints on how to live better

hacking something

i found out about those independently on my own. they sure work for me.

everything in life is about conditioning. so those also take some time to start working, and lots of practice!

  • always have a backup: 2 pair of shoes, savings, etc… but the ultimate backup is accepting reality. when a ghost from the past or future comes to haunt you, remember that nothing really matters only in the present. or make your own words menmonic to accept right now as it is.(this message is everywhere: let it go. let it be. nothing is forever. forgive and forget. god writes in porchat ways. carpe diem. etc.)

  • how to wake up without an alarm: always guess the time before looking into the clock. 🤯

  • aim for real [freedom] and don’t settle for [less].