or maas. but what does it mean?


found this idea on an app called whim:

Need a bus, taxi, car, bike, or train? Find a route and purchase your trip.

“MaaS” is also the company name.

from 60eur to 500 per month, the plans cover basically every transportation need in one easy place.

this is how every city should be!


without all the centralisation that whim does!!


to me, the idea could be applied even to a small village.

easy access to all transportation methods, every means of transportation is shared, and the cost is spread among users with simple flat fees (if any).

the most basic fee (that everyone uses) could even be covered by taxes.

works better in a place with no [private] means of transportation. no locks. no ownerships.


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the main and actually gigantic basic issue here is that all methods of transportation except the bike are currently “unsustainable”, even in their electric form.

of course, this speaks more to how unsustainable big cities are. so far, the biggest size a town can be and stay healthy is around 1k people, imho. but…

even 10 people is already too much for most places!

for us, humans, living in groups without becoming parasites who kills the host became nearly impossible, somewhere in the past 10 thousand years. or 200.

we sure don’t have another 100 years to get this right, but i’m not really worried about it: self extinction (of the whole race) is an incredibly heavy option i already grew to accept… without ever accepting the defeat!


TK this should be moved into a [review] page, of course.

the very detailed and dense review i’ve left them, which will probably continue to be ignored for too long:

great idea (MaaS), terrible implementation (trying to partner up manually with everyone)! plus technical issues: - can’t test it from portugal: wished to plan my trip to finland; - apparently there’s too little offline functionality: even web apps should always be #offlinefirst! c’mon, people, you can do better! - it seem to be focused too much on big city centers: go open source (foss). go wild. be sustainable. embrace the ecovillages!! cheers from ahoxus 😘 – cregox.net/kiss

there’s a lot to unpack there… TK