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what is search?


what is [love]?

on the internet, being able to search is what made it actually useful. search is second only to the other key computer feature which is also way to often forgotten: [redundancy].

yes, search is everything! at least when we can search everything.

and, yet, it’s almost nowhere to be found for way too many little things. like books. anyone still use a dictionary to find the meaning of a word or a paper map to navigate while driving? why are we still so inexplicably using books to search our souls? anyway…

more importantly, it’s feature almost always readily available on a desktop and online but almost completely ignored on mobile!

ok, i mean android, but i bet it’s the same in every smartphone.

there is no way to simply search for everything on my phone, you know, like with spotlight, ripgrep, or [google]. ok, even windows also have nothing since gds was abandoned… but i couldn’t care less for [windows].

i just wanted to hit search and find my data (which could all be [public] for all i care) whatever kind of data: email, calendar, files, notes, chat, clipboard history, somewhere online, contact notes, map pins etc.

but since that probably won’t happen anytime soon, i might have to build it somehow (for sure, using [kiss])…

but don’t hold your breath! technically i don’t even know where to begin.