the future and past of the web

decentralised web.jpg

this website will become unhosted as soon as possible. and turned into a [pwa]. because that’s how the internet should be!

the will is to make it like a mix between [mediawiki] and [git] (current form):

  • no central user registration (git) to prevent things like banning users and elections
  • easy to contribute on the web (wiki) because github is still too hard for most (plus github sucks)
  • easy history log, compare, blame, and page visual (wiki) sadly git doesn’t make that last part possible, and no other part easy
  • pull, push, sync, done (git) to decentralised wiki

and to add a self validated blockchain/torrent like list of recognized domains who form the whole network of manifestos (in a way similar to tosdr) such that it would be like a decentralised wikipedia.

there’s probably a lot to learn from [mastodon] and such.

wondering now if anyone done this already… too bad it’s so hard to [stfw] for unnamed concepts!