an origin of “pedia”

wiki wiki.jpg

this [manifesto] was created after the [FOSS note] about what i [really] mean when i just started using those brackets to signalise internal links to important definitions in the wikipedia style.

they’ll eventually even gain a different colour rather than just those square brackets. can you imagine the colors? (and now, this “imagine” internal link is just a regular one more like a loosely related spin off, like most internal links in this site, on this case because of the association i make between imagine, john, and ahoxus)

i want this whole site to be a mix between [git] and wiki. making it easier to get contributions, and to see the history of each page (although both of those features are already technically possible using git).

a constant effort to improve on our current human written communication protocols.


what’s [science] to you?

wikipedia is easily the biggest open online science experiment. and it’s also incredibly scientific in all of its main content.



have you heard of the skeptical movement?

different from science, which is mostly practical, this is about pure logic, theory, and consistency. TK

you might think science can’t be illogical, but it can. TK

wikipedia is also surprisingly skeptical and, for every major scientific topic there is, the article in there will clearly state of it’s pseudo (a.k.a. not really scientific). TK


wiki means quick, in hawaiian.

Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described wiki as “the simplest online database that could possibly work.”.



TK it was created here on oct 22nd, and moved there because i was going to update the date in this mani without proof reading it first. big indication it should be a different mani!

it’s still very related to wiki. you might want to read it there.