2014 was my last (full) year in sao paulo, brazil, the place i was born.

7 years into my marriage, 3 of which in the same house. with some stable job until 2013, for over 2 years.

she was on hers for 8 years. we were glowing in the career side, but we both needed to change our life in many ways. so, in 2015 we moved to portugal, and the whole year was about that. awesome, but not “magically” productive like 2014.

2014 was also my fist sabbatical. accidentally started in early january (or late december, can’t recall), planned for about 9 months, ended up taking around 1 year.

and, in retrospect, now in 2019, after my second sabbatical (also started january 2nd by pure coincidence, planned for 6 months, ended up taking around 1 year, almost again) i can see a lot of how it was so magical.

also in comparison. 2018 i tried to focus a lot more. into just 2 projects. and when none really pinned out (perhaps because i was too lonely in both), it’s easy to think how it’d be better to put smaller eggs in more baskets.

so much more to tell about that 2014… but, for now, i’ll just refer to how i’ve created the whole /proud page without thinking about the years (boy, github sure needs a better way to render jekyll history!) and it ended up triggering me into writing this page.

more TK!