mind over body?

food is definitely necessary for life. but just how much? and how many people are really dying of starvation today?

i don’t have the answers. some research says there’s no more such hunger in the world right now.

what’s certain, though, is that most of, of not everyone, who’s reading this text have no problem accessing food to fill up the stomach.

some other research says there’s more obesity in the world than sub nutrition. from my perspective, it’s very clearly true.

and one of the cyclical culprits of such a bad diet we have is how we see food. or how we don’t even look at it anymore. what are we eating?

i try my best to be conscious about it, starting with avoiding meat for over 10 years now, then going all the way to buying local and starting to join communities looking for agroforestry… and still just today i’ve got some unverified news that soy is mostly harmful to the body, unless it’s fermented!

not to mention we don’t even need all that food. the average human can safely survive a month without food. so why do we even keep reading so much?

i’ve got more questions than answers right now, in this manifesto. just wanted to bring some awareness to you about me and about you, perhaps, if you didn’t know about some key points and words brought up here.

just knowing it’s real is a big help in being able to choose to do something about it or continue to ignore it. either way, people will survive, humans will evolve.

the question is how will you be in all of this and how much more can you actually enjoy life by continuously trying harder to be better and loving everyone. including and starting with you. and your food!