here’s a good replacement


  • so amazon screwed you up too?

about 1 month ago, i thought i wanted to sell on amazon. so i went ahead and opened a seller account. for sanflowers.

what i believed was that amazon, if anything, at least had great customer service. granted, a seller is a supplier, not a customer, but in such a scale it’s still basically a customer service support, when anything goes wrong, right?

not so fast.

they charged my credit card for about 50 USD. and blocked my account due to some document lacking their bureaucracy. over this month, not once could i reach a human being to talk about this issue. not once they offered any kind of understanding or solution.

i also can’t remove my card from their profile now. and can’t close my account either!

that’s the big company conandrum. it’s impossible to cater for everyone. but this is one step further on the “fuck you, dear customer”. this is truly diabolic.

  • amazon have billions of satisfied customers, they must be doing something right, right?

they are. good at playing with big numbers. and pretending they care. like all of them.

  • but how can we, they, buy and sell so many things, so conviniently?

from craigslist to olx, there are plenty options. but even better: duckduckgo and your own website. one step further: just don’t. do ahoxus instead!