best online game ever!

(here’s a bit of my experience with online games)


by innersloth

you are 4 people confined into a small space with exactly 2 emergencies:

  • the space is breaking down. it needs several fixes before everyone dies (and life is actually good outside the gameplay, just for context). which obviously least to…
  • … there’s at least one impostor among us. a traitor! and they’re killing everyone else for their own pleasure.

well, unless you are the impostor(s), then your second emergency becomes:

  • there are too many brainless peers in this space. we need to kill them all and sabotage everything so we can better enjoy life here. without getting caught, of course, or else they’ll fuck me up!


this is where the charm lies in.

from 4 to 10 players, up to 4 impostors.

get into a lobby, wait for the minimum amount of players needed to begin, and start. or make a private lobby and invite friends with a code. or mix and match. it’s very raw.

this is the hardest part to improve on for any kind of multiplayer game. creating a dynamics which doesn’t need the lobby. this dynamic needs it. might be the necessary negative aspects to make everything else so good, perhaps…

still, it could be improved, for instance:

  • make it easier to connect with friends. a share button with a link, for instance.
  • change owners / assign more owners
  • choose passcode
  • change number of players/impostors

also, there should be some predefined settings with best tuned profiles, both for reference and practical usage. it’s great to have that many settings, but they’re too much and hard to fine tune.

then, there are tasks to do. if the crew does it all (which after playing for 6 hours, haven’t happened once for me), everyone wins. except the impostor.

it gives time and opportunities for the impostor to kill everyone’s, one by one, or sabotaging the space in some way that the rest of the crew can’t repair in such a short notice (happened once or twice with me).

each player can press the emergency meeting button a certain pre determined number of times, to discuss and try to find out the traitor(s). voting enough in 1 person will expel them from the space. reporting a dead body will also trigger voting.

either spelled or dead, the player becomes a ghost, and can freely walk in the space and talk just with other ghosts.

  • the voting area is terrible for mobile, in landscape mode. it could use 3 simple ways to improve it:

  • voice chat. integrate with jitsi or something.
  • portrait mode. better keyboard.
  • emojis only.

also, it would be good to know which platform each player is on. mobile is very different from desktop and can give important context for communication.

rinse and repeat. forever.

there are 3 different maps (i only played in the first one) and many different tasks to keep the crew busy while the impostor works.

the sheer possibility of online people or friends variation in itself is enough to make this kind of game impossible to get tired of.

perhaps the single biggest issue with the game are the [ads]. read the link. it’s about sustainability. the best way to maintain any online service is by opening up everything. like linux or blender. it’s hard to do. nearly impossible for a game. not sure if it was ever done before for a game. all the more reasons this deserves to be the first!

great work, inner sloth!

please, consider this [manifesto] as just the surface of the “iceberg”… and a draft! there are many more reflections if you keep digging. here’s a nice next step, for instance: [ahoxus].


in the last 9 days i ended up not playing it as much as i thought i would. perhaps it was me, i didn’t play anything. but whenever i had the will to start, i also got tired of thinking how i didn’t want to socialize or play the annoying mini games as a crew member…

might need more time in my background to see how great it really is, as it is.