hidden settings that should be enabled by default

an updated (80.0.3987.87) and simple list of flags that should be enabled by default. feel free!


Contextual Search definitions
Enables tap-activated contextual definitions of words on a page to be presented in the caption of the Tap to Search Bar. – Android


Contextual Search long-press Resolves
Enables communicating with Google servers when a long-press gesture is recognized under some privacy-limited conditions. The page context data sent to Google is potentially privacy sensitive! – Android


Contextual Search ML tap suppression
Enables tap gestures to be suppressed to improve CTR by applying machine learning. The "Contextual Search Ranker prediction" flag must also be enabled! – Android


Contextual Search Ranker prediction
Enables prediction of tap gestures using Assist-Ranker machine learning. – Android


Contextual Search second tap triggering
Enables triggering on a second tap gesture even when Ranker would normally suppress that tap. – Android


Chrome Sharing Hub
Enables the Chrome Sharing Hub/custom share sheet. – Android


Enables live page sharing of offline pages
Enables to share current loaded page as offline page by saving as MHTML first. – Android


Enable offering upload of Autofilled credit cards
Enables a new option to upload credit cards to Google Payments for sync to all Chrome devices. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Omnibox rich entity suggestions
Display entity suggestions using images and an enhanced layout; showing more context and descriptive text about the entity. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Enable the revamped context menu
Enables a revamped context menu when a link, image, or video is long pressed within Chrome. – Android


Enable download rename
Enables rename option for downloads – Android


Unified Consent
Enables a unified management of user consent for privacy-related features. This includes new confirmation screens and improved settings pages. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Suggest to close Tabs
Suggests to the user to close Tabs that haven't been used beyond a configurable threshold or where duplicates of Tabs exist. The threshold is configurable. – Android


Tab Groups
Allows users to create groups to better organize their tabs. – Android


Tab Groups Continuation
Allows users to access continuation features in Tab Group. – Android


Tab Groups UI Improvements
Allows users to access new features in Tab Group UI. – Android


Tab Engagement Metrics
Tracks tab engagement and lifetime metrics. – Android


An ephemeral Preview Tab in an Overlay Panel
Enable a 'Preview page/image' at a linked page into an overlay. – Android


Periodic Background Sync
If enabled, web apps can periodically sync content in the background. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Android Chrome UI dark mode
If enabled, user can enable Android Chrome UI dark mode through settings. – Android


broken! 😔

Overscroll history navigation
History navigation in response to horizontal overscroll. – Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Chrome Duet
Enables Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android. – Android


Duet-TabStrip Integration
Allows users to access integration of Duet and TabStrip. – Android