hi there.

did you ever thought about changing your name?


i did.

many times.

perhaps the first one i wanted to call myself Gabriel, just because i was in love with the number 7, it has 7 letters and starts with the 7th letter from the alphabet. but i was never really serious about it.

in retrospect (or is it hindsight?), caue rego was born in 1981, reborn in 2005 as cregox and in 2009 as a private maica. now for a kind of prediction, perhaps 2019 will be known as the ahoxus rebirth mark!

so yeah, now i am very serious about this name changing thing.

and i want a very logical and creative name. easy to spell in English and Portuguese. that i’ll put in my documents. single and unique.

for one to signal a huge change in my life. once in a lifetime. a ritual.

but also to call people for doing the same. think about you. who you are. who you want to be. and how you want to call you for your whole life to translate all that in one word.

at the same time, i don’t want to rush it. so, for now, it’s still on the idea stage.

i like aueoiae, but i still need to do the math to see if everyone could have a 7 letters name (intuitively i think 10000000 is big enough and small enough as to encompass good spelling combinations) and to know if this is even actually a good enough spelling. that people can get it easily, was per my goal.

i also want it to signify nothing that exists, to be completely new. not everyone will want this, at all. but i’m pretty positive it’s my case.

we’ll see. i’ll probably update this soon enough!