blue eye

benevolent artificial super intelligence user experience

it’s easy to come up with arbitrary summaries in retrospect.

basiux is no more. the result was a small presentation in a “reach for the moon” event on a London Google office. for my mom. she was filming it. so happily and satisfied, she has been glowing ever since. the first and last presentation of the project. she had missed, after all, the first and only theater play he had produced.

the site is now obsolete. probably too buggy. the idea was transformed into something else and the will evolved into another goal. a reachable one. but that subjective result, a radiant mother, will endure.

it was worth it.

below, outdated data points, perhaps still somewhat relevant.

project in hiatus almost since its launch, days before’s in Dec 2015 #envy.

although the website may not make it clear, this is basically a named-one-man-idea that grew into experiences, own learning through research and meetings, and nothing else.

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