yet another way to browse the web, or is it?

basic attention token

this is my [referral] and what’s brave on their own words.

in short:

it’s the best browser today.

forget freaking trendy [privacy] (not even tor will give you that) or getting insignificant pay for terrible ads…

it rocks because it works great everywhere, it’s fast (because it blocks [ads]), fully [OSS], and sustainable (for whatever that means)!

main complain: it was hard to migrate from chrome… it uses chromium, so i thought it should offer some easier way, connecting to google to import or something… i ended up doing manually and little by little.

anyway, turn off the brave ads, learn to be online/public (because there’s no such thing as online privacy, ultimately*), and enjoy it.

  • unless you really know how feds and hankers can find you and live completely outside “the system”… but keep in mind there’s hardly any good reason to go full [snowden] (in short, he was probably dumb).