or general income, for transparency

born in 1981, almost 39 years old now.

my maximum yearly income, is around a normalized usd $10k.

minimum (after zero) is probably around 3k, since my 17th birthday.

medium i would guess 8k.

that’s it.

almost 20 years working with computers. at least 12 full board full stack programming. mostly web, but even embedded system and firmware protocols i’ve played with.

today, 2020, it’s 0. since early 2018. counting with savings and lending and lots of solidary economy, it might reach 7k.

everything i own, except for a microwave and a bimby, fits into the truck of my 1992 Renault 19, a car that’s half mine, bought for 800 eur. plus a backpack.

there’s also the caravan, or trailer, which is kind of mine, but only as part of the ahoxus community.

i am the poorest person i know in my circle of friends and family, financially speaking. probably the top 10 among my 150 closest people, or outer circle.

yes, top 10! it’s great to be able to live a very fulfilling life with 0 income. frightening, culturally speaking. everyday i have to remind me just how lucky i actually am.

#knowyouworth (too extreme?)