and welcome to my filming related projects.

myself in finland, photo by @guzforster

i was participating in ETA for the first module of 3 months. it’s a theater course free of fees (with cheapest rates) and most of the income comes from students plays, starting from the very 1st module. we learn how to hunt for money as artists.

fine amateur actor, still with lots to learn and very little to show as an artist - if you want to start digging me up online, however… boy, as a web freak i’ve created small “artistic” little pieces, such as this old thing (which is now broken and I don’t recall what was it but it sure was a form of art!). for a terrible instance, my mom surely loves every little thing i do over all of her 4 kids. i believe it has to do with “my artistic side” which me, her and some friends can see.


  • youtube have some weak videos i’ve made, might be worth it as a fringe reference.
  • casting is a more traditional (and boring) style if you’re into this
  • probably i should use more instagram, haha
  • random fun, why not? randomness kinda says a lot about my current idea-project
  • back to myself then, with more actual real photos

somewhat relevant projects

“poetry” (or some sort of art in form of text)