short for online communication, or something

what is comm? baby don't hurt me...

huge tk since 2015!

this was originally about forums, but since that was also a tk, here they are now, merged.

irc sucks big balls for the same reasons forums, even the 2.0 below, do: nobody really uses them. unlike facebook and twitter. ah, [twitter]… why did you have to be [closed]? and no, mastodon sadly isn’t better than the little blue bird, yet.

then what?


and delta chat.

also telegram is far superior than twitter, for further reference on why delta chat.

please, just keep it simple, smart. (reference to kiss versus niagara and [open source])

forums 2.0

discourse, nodebb and the daily wtf

people hotly debating online, or a scene from girl boss

back when i compared the 2, still rocked hard, both on UX and features. except for Jeff’s abusive censorship.

nodebb is the spin off which couldn’t handle emails properly, or at all.

and dailywtf are the guys who got expelled and bashed by @codinghorror and helped me open my eyes to this non minor issue.

i really need to write this mani right and review both again… hoping nodebb finally caught up. or someone else, eventually even with some free hosting…

discourse was still in front even on that aspect, as they offered some interesting free hosting model in 2019 (or was it 2018?).

anyway, big TK here! 😁