yes, i’m also not normal. nobody is. (TK curiosity link about this)

back in 2016 i was actually diagnosed as normal ish, after speaking with over 4 psychiatrists and being let go of the medications i agreed to take, due to some life options.

the funny thing is that i took an airplane while on medications, by myself, and the only real crazy thing that happened was spending 700eur from someone else as if it were mine and add if it wasn’t a significant amount for someone who was “making” 0 bucks during the previous year.

ok, perhaps that and trying to talk to a church cat by meowing.

and saying i had had a vision from a book i never read, while being completely confident about it.

nope. i don’t really have any mental disorders, even if some doctors have disagreed in the past.

the world, in the other hand, is crazy. by definition it means being harmful to society. funny enough, that’s how society is today. crazy. killing itself while growing at the same time. growing way too much and too fast to let most people actually enjoy the ride.

yes, life is all about enjoying the ride. carpe diem doesn’t mean throw everything away and forget the future or the past. it means to live in the moment while considering everything else, all at the same time. all the time.

and yes, i did enjoy to write this.

cheers! 😁