google, facebook, twitter, your dog…


today (july 10th 2020) i almost got my car stuck in an off road slope hole again (i’ll later add some pictures from the first time). and, once more, i got tricked by bad google maps to even go there. thankfully, my previous experience saved me from bigger issues this time. plus, this pushed me to finally switch to open source maps, osm, which i had installed for some months (and even paid for) but haven’t switched because of favourites, mostly.

  • this page is also heavily inspired by edward cant, starting with his “delete facebook”, probably the most recent endeavor there.

  • obviously i strongly disagree with the focus on privacy concerns.

  • the good side effect on this is they end up increasing redundancy in the right way, such as with secure scuttlebutt.

  • death is part of life. and it will always be. it’s what makes it beautiful.

  • similarly, forgetting is part of remembering. and deleting is part of creating…

  • i’ll soon start to “delete” everything i have from the big ones. gradually. including github.

  • but i’ll first create better things in their place. still need to find, for instance, a better (and still free) place for my google photos, notes, music, etc… especially the videos.

  • by “etc” i mean some easy ones such as youtube, gboard, translate, podcasts, gmail, or news; some i don’t really care enough, but would be nice to find a nice open alternative like pixel recorder, earth, fit, or lens; then the ones quite hard to replace: drive, camera, pixel buds, nokia, and i’m still probably missing at least one more.

  • and i’ll not really delete any data from free hosting. i’ll just stop using them. for these things, they’re basically the same, with the added benefit of an extra backup point.

  • as for the dog, you know the drill. euthanasia should have always been legal, that is, if the legal system was ever to be right.

  • then again, find your center, inner piece, etc. mine was in portugal and still is. no idea what it’ll be. just that it will be!

  • boy, it’ll be hard to transform this into a nice “giving” text. although all my content is usually very giving, almost everyone seem to find it too hard to digest! 😒 i’m getting better… 😏

cheers! 😘

part 2, no humanity

they basically have products and services that might even be technically good (google), although they’re mostly really not (microsoft)…

but what they all have in common is complete lack of humanity (facebook), meaning they don’t care for each person as a person. numbers is all that matters.

how to turn around?

there’s no shortcut an no easy way. ahoxus is my personal answer, and it can work for literally anyone… but in practice, it doesn’t. because it’s hard.

list of deleted apps

on the first few days, just to begin with…






i will probably delete even telegram too, but still going through alternatives and looking for different sources (privacy law compliant sounds like a good reference). from those so far, there are about 5 candidates… signal is not friendly to multiple devices and it breaks sms way too often. wickr is too extreme on privacy, harmful even. wire i’ll still try again, but unless it offers more than telegram i won’t switch just for better privacy. i need decentralised! so my best bets are now on xmpp, matrix, and jami (mattermost doesn’t offer free hosting and keybase is only at the google store for some reason). there’s also the weird odd ball “easy join” i found by accident… not to mention this list i still have to go through because it points out the single most important aspect of every app that should be: decentralised. remember, the internet?

still a big TK.

part 3, updates

edition might be mostly lost in git history, like the rest of this website, but it’s still visible there somewhere.

i started this draft 6 days ago, July 10th. now i mostly just edited a few things there.

facebook is harder to delete because too many people i’m contact with through that alone! and, honestly, other than telegram, which is still not the best option, there’s still no good alternative other than email (or is there? please, let me know)!

and google is everywhere, with irreplaceable conveniences. some i already just deleted anyway. others are much harder, as already mentioned.

pay attention, though! as soon as one such big group open up everything, a bit like wikipedia and even telegram, and make things that are really free, loving, and good, as long as it’s better than what i’m using now, i’ll jump in! this is not about privacy, evil money or whatever new age bullshit. this is a very practical stance on trying to expose the real issues with too many things out there. and better enjoy the ride. 😘