looking for [achoz]?

to tear up the roots from a foundation; to uproot.


dis’root’ is this amazing service made to replace all your other services needs, but made by open source, volunteers, and plenty of data [real] [freedom].

in other words, you are encouraged to reduce your data footprint and easily back it up on the cloud with redundancy generated and controlled by you alone.

which also means you should not stop there (by signing up and hoping your data will be managed by someone you don’t even know). you should dig, study, learn, do your homework, and never fear or even lose any data ever again!

in theory, of course. real true backup is always only an utopia. that also means it should be forever pursued, if you care for data.

keep the serendipity radar on, and move on to your next, perhaps last, home online.

at least, that’s what i’m doing.


disroot itself isn’t fully [open source] yet.

so, i’ll either be helping them to do it right™ or i’ll make it myself.

in either case, i’ll need a new [host]. probably a paid one (digital ocean and netlify comes to mind), if i can’t find one for free. and, ideally, a managed one (can only dream of a [unhosted] one). with people who can keep everything in it updated, so i don’t have to. because i couldn’t do it alone in a timely fashion to keep it secure. this is one of those things which is better done in group and with specialized workforce. we’ll need to test out a few options and find a good balance.

thus, this will give birth to a service, still too be named and properly defined, but this is the bp draft:

what: disroot clone

why: disroot have near zero customer support and ain’t [foss] (amazingly enough)

who: degoogling people

financially, it’ll be exactly same model as disroot, and a bit of what wikipedia should do: take donations, don’t ask for them but offer transparent incentives for when you do donate. it’s like offering a premium service, except it’s not a service, it’s non binding (you can just clone everything and make it your own), it will constantly morph as i need, and it’s a sort of mix with non profit in which we do reserve the rights to make a profit for our own benefit, but in a sustainable way (it’s not a business and [we don’t rely on it to survive]) and with zero growth mindset.

for sure the main challenge will be making a better [email] which doesn’t get blocked by the big guys, like disroot often do. for now, the plan is just keeping this small until we figure out how to make it truly free without [abusers].

next: promote it as a good landing page @ahoxus

update nov 15: the project name is now [achoz]: chaos from a to z. just an even better name than disroot or uproot! 🥰