1. To tear up the roots of, or by the roots; hence, to tear from a foundation; to uproot.


dis’root’ is this amazing service made to replace all your other services needs, but made by open source, volunteers, and plenty of data freedom.

in other words, you are encouraged to reduced your data footprint and easily back it up on the cloud with redundancy generated and controlled by you alone.

which also means you should not stop there (by signing up and hoping your data will be managed by someone you don’t even know). you should dig, study, learn, do your homework, and never fear or even lose any data every again!

in theory, of course. real true backup is always only an utopia. that also means it should be forever pursued, if you care for data.

keep the serendipity radar on, and move on to your next, perhaps last, home online.

at least, that’s what i’m doing.