source control management better than git


ok, i just found about it 6 days ago. and i use [git] for over 10 years. but… it’s an almost too safe bet. because it was made 1 year after git, because it’s still being used today and because it’s quite well documented with an amazingly vivid community within.

i was sold to trade git for it in the first day and that’s what i’ve been slowly doing ever since. forget [pwa] for now, as well. this is the shit!

if this might have triggered you, just go to their site and start reading!

it even has [a forum that’s better than any other forum i’ve seen]! at least technically. it’s the only forum that works offline without email!!

there are many issues with it, of course… but so there are with git and alternatives for everything fossil does.

and, yet, when carrying for offline first, sustainability, and so many fundamental [ahoxus] concepts, it beats the crap out of the alternatives.

anyway. i’ll be back to better show all of it at some point. hopefully after i can transfer all my sites into it. 😁