the best things in life are free

right? air. sex. taking a shit.

/gallery/google pixel 3.jpg

but [google]’s pixel 3 isn’t one of them. neither best nor [free].

plus, google’s word is worthless (as presented below).

so much so, i’m deleting it from my life.

this should be no surprise to you… or is it? don’t be naive like i was! hear me out.

how you might turn a $999 loss into something interesting

i first “published” this story on reddit., framed completely different.

once my will was to keep updating this until the title would become something like “how you too can turn any money loss into a big win” or something. 😁

but now i’ll be happy if it can be simply turned into “this is the last time i metaphorically cried so hard”.

more preface, or about how i was feeling betrayed by trusting a good group of good people

if you have any experience dealing with those ill-intended salespeople or companies, you’ll find nothing new here. yeah, people can be really evil. big flash news, right?

and if you’re skeptical about the veracity of my facts, please, feel free to check them. i actually encourage you to. i’d love some skeptical feedback. there are 5 pdfs (TK i’ll eventually link them here) with some relevant email conversations i had with them and which should prove i’m right. yes, they just ignored them. multiple times.

so, my ultimate advice to anyone when purchasing with google (or any sales person/thing) is: don’t be naive like me. google is, sadly, just another big store trying their best to make their big bucks and fuck anyone in the process. “don’t be evil” was probably never their motto, just a marketing campaign. d’oh.

perhaps google was just not ready to get into the consumer world, and it’s doing a terrible job at it while trying to improve. time might tell, but even if they ever come around here, this is a clear sign they’ve crossed the line. and screwed up.

the story

i’ll be short (lol, right! perhaps i mean this won’t be as big as a book, yet). but i’ll eventually also publish more details, if it brings this closer to the #writeabook goal, in the sense of making it really useful to a lot of people.

some day around November 2018 there was a promo on google store for a pixel 3 combined with google fi. if you’d purchase the smartphone on that day, and that day only, plus sign up to the phone service as a new user and keep it for at least 90 days, google would give you usd 999 in coupons. an amazing “deal” which i could, and i did, fulfill my part.

on that same promo day i went through their policy. and it was unclear if i could use it in my situation. i live in portugal, and i wanted the phone for myself. my mom lives in NH, and she could use google fi. regardless, we wouldn’t move towards either thing if not thanks to the amazing promo. so i called them. multiple times. and we got to an agreement. it’s on paper.

the agreement was that we both thought my situation was good enough and i could benefit from the promo, if only the google fi stayed active during the whole 90 days.

guess what? i fulfilled my part.

got no credit.

called them.

first time, they said “you didn’t buy on date”.

i gave them proof i did.

second time they said “you swapped devices”.

yes, i did. by mistake. my mom did, actually. so what? it wasn’t on our agreement. and it wasn’t on the unclear policy. they interpreted as they wished later on, to basically fulfill this fraud on other people, and they thought internally this was a good enough excuse for my case as well.

turns out, it isn’t. not for me. not for anyone who look at the whole picture, i’m arguing.

but i was out of luck trying to find someone in their actually terrible “support” “team” who could sincerely look at this whole situation and convince me i was wrong. because i’m not.

now what?

still i gave up trying - also because, well, life happens.

i foresaw the trouble kilometers, or megameters away. and i thought i was prepared. but i wasn’t. not for all other things that came with life, coincidentally. i couldn’t follow up.

so now i just took the hit. i might still sell this “piece of junk” for cheap. or for what it’s really worth. back then, it might be around 600 bucks. today, one year later, 300 at most. because nobody ever really liked pixel 3 after the 3a, it instantly had its price dropped drastically. for sure Google foresaw it coming. i just don’t know why they wanted me to pay for their bullshit…

and how is this interesting?

you did read everything, right? perhaps it was interesting to get into my shoes, try to feel how i felt and experience it second hand… so you’ll learn from my mistakes.

or just looking at someone else who screwed up something big time, but still survived.

what might not be so clear to a lot of people is just how big of a hit this was on me. i bought one of the first mobile phones with Java, back in 2000, for about 50 bucks. which for me with 19 years old, was a big investment and i did through installments. i got the iPhone 3 on its launch, because that’s when i got to know about it, in the same day i had a huge deal and i was for 3 months on my highest pay job ever, back in 2009 or so, earning something like 1k usd per month. programming for a Brazilian bank. and paid something like 350 for it. cash.

i never had 999 bucks to spend on a mobile or smart phone in my life. not even 500. and since i got this pixel that shortage of money is having a big impact in my life. right now i moved from living in my $800 into a recently bought $1400 caravan, which i paid only 467 for now. and it’s raining outside. got no energy, heating. but got a few broken windows and a open hole in the bathroom, which has no water, shower or toilet. luckily it’s parked near somewhere i can afford to rent, sometimes, and they have all that, which i can use.

other times i just look for family help and roof. at least for 2 weeks this year, the safe place to sleep, my main backup, was my car. having some way to access internet also helps me to keep the sanity. it’s a necessity usually bigger than almost everything else one would usually take as necessity.

and i’ve got no desktop computer because i’ve sold my chromebook for 200 eur. almost the price i paid for it. bought a new one already (same one, same price, newer version), not for me (it’s for ahoxus project, which i started) although i’ll sure be using it as such because that’s what it is for, but it’s on maintenance-warranty for over 2 weeks. my main communication device today is the cursed pixel. before that, it was a 250eur brand new from the store Nokia 6.1 phone, which now serves as a backup. it was my main device for about 9 months

yes, i’m way more financially poor as it may look like. or perhaps given how terrible i am at writing stories worth sharing, that’s not such surprising news… but most people react surprisingly when they realize how much money i don’t have.

yet, here i am. completely satisfied with my life. and unsatisfied at the same time, as to keep living, moving, aiming high for better days. for me and for you all! 😘