of course there’s no such thing. is there?


first, what does “free money” even mean?

free, in most contexts, means no money needed. free of charge. free candy. [free ads]. sure, the actual definition is highly subjective and can get deeply philosophical. in fact, we have many [manis] here using the word free in they’re name, for different contexts. but let’s keep it simple: when there’s no context, it’s always about free money

perhaps you came here for the topic around getting easy money for everyone. extinguishing poverty.

or at least for you. right?

you’re not like everyone, are you?

well, sorry. getting “free money” is obviously impossible. a paradox. a logic failure or language bug.


there’s at least one way to make it better, though. your life. everyone’s. free of money, or without money…

we’re calling the idea [ahoxus]. it’s possible to reduce all your money needs down to zero.

there’s nothing new to it. it’s simply a good collection of current ideas already working in reality. a [checklist], if you will. ideas around self sufficiency, solidarity, and reciprocacy.