of course there’s no such thing. is there?


first, what does it mean?

i actually meant it as in “free the money” or “free willy”.

but you probably came here for the topic around getting easy money for everyone. extinguishing poverty.

or at least for you. right?

you’re not like everyone, are you?

well, sorry. what you have in mind for “free money” is obviously impossible. a paradox. a logic failure or language bug.

there’s at least one way to make it better, though. your life. everyone’s.

we’re calling the idea ahoxus. like every great idea, there’s nothing new in it. it’s simply a good collection of current ideas already working on reality. a checklist.

i’ll give here another overview about ahoxus, from the free money perspective.

very similar from what i’ve already wrote about advertising.

also to help composing my first book. a kind of bible, a reference. written in story format. to be made into a movie.

soon. 😒