don’t we all?


i’ve been trying to write these manifestos as something helpful to you.

but i just realized i’m the one who might need help the most.

you, whoever you are who’s reading this right now, you’re probably in much better conditions than i am. that is, if you found this by chance.

granted, i believe i’m in better shape than most of the world, but i’m still too far from full self sustainability and from earning money, so i’m in this weird limbo…

say we’re 8 billion, for sure i can offer some sort of knowledge and even help to at least 6, 1 on 1, getting another person at random. i’m really well, thank you.

but those 2 billions who are in better shoes than me. or 1. or 1 million (for sure there are more than 1 million) are the ones i would be targeting here, if only i knew how. to offer them/you all i could… in a way, i already done that.

i think that chance will have it, at least 90% of those 6 who are worse than me will never have the time to find this manifesto and read it.

make sense?

1b lives in complete poverty. another 1b only speak chinese. probably 1b don’t even use the internet still. at least not for reading… lots of those 3b are the same ones, but still, it must be easy to see where my numbers come from and go to.

i live in one of the poorest, but surely the most peaceful part of europe. that counts for a lot of points in my advantage.

my home have no lock. no electricity. no plumbing. almost no worries. my car is from 1992. bought it little less than 2 years ago, in my 3rd biggest acquisition for the past 3 years, for 800 eur. it was worth 400, later i find out.

i can live with about 400eur per month. no lack of food or money, still. and my life style actually makes me very happy inside. insanely glad.


my closest relatives today, wife and mom (who don’t get along to well) are not in this same place at all, from my perspective. and i’m constantly tried. sleeping. waiting for something.

i want to believe i’m waiting for inspiration. so i can continue doing what i do best, which has something to do with exploring. but i’m not so sure.

for sure, in almost 40 years of life, i couldn’t ever:

  • write anything that had enough credibility to earn me the living i need. we all need.

  • do anything to earn me a retirement, although my (mind-)body can’t work anymore with most things i should be able to, in my age, in theory. it’s completely saturated inside.

  • accumulate enough resources if any kind to sustain myself from here forward. except, perhaps, knowledge? but that same knowledge tells me i’ll only know it in retrospect… which is fine, but i just can’t know.

so, if it’s inspiration, is it to do what? it can’t be writing credible stuff or creating content, can it?

no idea.

can you help?

i probably need it.

although, in the current state of this draft, i bet you can’t. at least, not help me! 😁🤣😘