who doesn’t need it?


i’ve been trying to write these manifestos as something helpful to you.

at some point i realized i’m the one who might need help the most… and i wrote a lot about why.

and, then, i noticed: i don’t really need it the most! so i deleted everything i had written here before. it’ll be forever “lost” in the source (since i hardly delete anything, ever). for now, it’s up to you to figure out what that means, but the answer is in this page.

[thanks] for all my new (even if only temporary) online friends for keeping me in perspective.

as for the beatles… it actually spells NUJV, as i came to learn today thanks to (in order of my findings) duck images, woodstock whisperer (ugliest site), the [duck] again, feelnumb (kinda nice), and snopes (so much better). and it means nothing, but we know they meant “we don’t actually need help, move on”.

meanwhile, please let me know if you need my help. or if, by any chance, you might want to help me. i love to be in either end of helping hands! 🥰