is there any science to it?

assisted meditation.jpg

not much, really.

there appear to be zero consensuses on what it is exactly. how the mechanics work. can someone ever be told to do something against their will? what is will to begin with?

to me, this is a curious study of the mind, which sadly tends too much to show business and limits itself too much by focusing on techniques.

to freud, it would appear, it was left aside because psicanalisis works better for healing, which was his focus i believe.

despite all that is unknown around it, we do know there’s a distinct effect happening during hypnosis, which is very close to meditation. it’s like an assisted meditation.

but there’s a lot of mind controlling stigma attached to it. for sure there are plenty of techniques that don’t require any kind of altered state of mind to trick people into doing what you want. so it may seem like it’s possible to mix up the 2. it’s not. or else, the army and spy agencies would be using it long ago.

so, anyway, it’s not exactly a scientific field, but it’s also not pseudo… it’s on a thin line between the 2…

while i haven’t migrated it into [lbry] or something better, here’s my playlist on youtube that may help to better understand the whole topic.