how would a humane lottery look like

it would try as best as possible to evoke the players luck. and be very upfront about it.

it would also try to bring on more winners, so smaller prizes, with much bigger chances. meaning that if you play for long enough, you’ll win, eventually. and, if after a while you don’t win, at least you get most of your money back. perhaps even a bit more. some sort of savings with benefits.

and it’s simple. just a few buttons online, and it’s done. with bitcoins, of course, so it’s also instantaneous and with zero fees. because it’s essentially nonprofit.

but, to start building something like that from zero, it’d need to start as for profit, to get enough traction.

the other alternative is getting the magical leprechaun which would be a partner with enough money to invest.

the picture drawn here is probably not clear enough yet. but let me know if it entices you to know more, and i’ll update sooner than later.