i started this because i thought it should be simple enough to be built (and would serve to prove a point).

it’s just a number generator based on a blob from camera + microphone stream. how hard could it be?

sadly, like it happened in other previous projects, privacy (and, basically, politcs) got in the way: in this case, i couldn’t find an easy way to test it in a chromebook (my only developing machine today). i had to keep push it into github all the time, which makes developing it exponentially harder.

if not for this, i’d finish it eventually.

but on top of that i realized how useless it would be, in its current format.

even if i could somehow make it viral with something like did thanos killed me people would most likely go crazy about its “privacy”, regardless of how clean it would be.

so, randomness will have to wait.

at least until we, humans, get a few major shifts in priorities.

the point i wanted to prove?

there’s no doubt in my mind that true randomness is way underappreciated and that, over a big enough dataset, it would certainly lead to much more creative outcomes in our society. such as smarter ai’s.

time will tell. (or, please, let me know if you can tell us!)

obsolete and broken project below

lucky number, between 0 and infinity:


go to a new random page, provided by google and “magic”! or…

click on the number to get a new one.

seeing just a negative one? perhaps we’ll need permissions

what is true random?

it’s basically the source of everything!

computers can’t generate those without help from the real world.

thus why we need access to the camera and microphone.

nothing will be recorded. remember, the source code is completely open.

why true random?

not only this offers better chances of getting winning lottery numbers…

a true random number culture can change the world! TK

feel free to tweak the noise sources settings: