how to get from point A to B

our world view haven't changed much in the past 500 years or so

The word “map” comes from the medieval Latin Mappa mundi, wherein mappa meant napkin or cloth and mundi the world. Thus, “map” became a shortened term referring to a two-dimensional representation of the surface of the world. – wikipedia

fuck, google maps is good! so much so that it still feels far superior than the rest. but [google is evil] and so the map suffer.

by far, google main issue is the lack of awareness of what software should even be: always open source, or simply no strings attached free!

everything else on the list of instances below (about how google map sucks and what’s the alternative) comes after this concept. why a list? because [checklists] rock!

also worth noting that [deleting] maps have been the hardest one from my delete list. did you know it’s the only google product allowed in china?

  • search. for the web, [duck] is a great alternative. for maps? there’s really none i could find, still (except for map marker, using google api - see below). because google have been crowd sourcing it for too long. but osm is already much better in many map details! so there’s hope. we just need to stop feeding the private groups!!

  • navigation directions work really well on google: especially good for suggesting alternatives fast. but only if you’re going anywhere a lot of people went before. a lot. else, it’s safer to not trust it. if this ever happens on openstreetmaps, you can manually fix it, fairly easily and quickily. for everyone. and guru maps is a very nice alternative here!

  • [backup] with “takeout” kinda works (when it does), but only manually and lots of the data is almost unusuable both to import back into google itself and, thus, anywhere else! not to mention you can wake up one day and have everything lost either by incompetence or unknown banning reasons. yes, it have happened. almost any app alternative will offer a better automated way here. i use the amazing map marker with nextcloud.

  • real time location sharing works, but only if everyone in the group have a freaking google account. osm maps don’t have many good options for this, but they’re there. (except from osmand, that one’s terrible! i still haven’t found one i want to use myself, though.

  • list of points on a map sharing only works on a second app (my maps) but not even with a google account can everyone contribute with it easily. it just doesn’t offer this functionality. almost any alternative app at least offer easy file sharing, such as map marker.

my current workflow depends on what answer i want from a map, but basically i channel everything through map marker (to keep a good list backup) at some point. and never do i stop or rely only on google maps. a lot of times the alternatives are slower, sometimes they’re faster, but they’re always safer (both physically and data wise) and more sustainable.

so, using a combination of 3 apps there (osmand, map marker and guru) i can almost get the same working experience, with many advantages and much more reliably! they’re not the ideal kind of [free] either, but they are so much closer to it. if you got the patience to start moving away now, i highly recommend doing it!