for who don’t have nor want a “desktop” (notebooks and laptops are now desktops, yes)

yet another manifesto…

to keep at least this one short:

way too many websites are made for desktops.

please, stop doing that!

also, stop making useless apps!!

let’s all just make friendly responsive web sites which are also web apps when needed, shall we?

keep it simple.

because nobody really wants desktops.

well, except for working long hours on a screen. which also nobody wants, and we can get used to small screens just the same.

and those watching movies or playing games. but, then again, mobile work just fine and dedicated devices for those are much better anyway. not to mention, you know, real life.

sure, many still are stuck in the stone age. let them be.

but at least let us join in without needing to touch those nasty keyboards.

on second thought, i rather just go and find something else to do… 😆

cheers! 😘