is that the sea?

alvao park

at 1330m high, “serra do alvao” mountain peak, there was i again, looking at the horizon, spotting a straight line and wondering if it was the sea.

going from lisbon to sintra there’s a little peak on the road where we can see the sea, which is over 30km away and completely out of anyone’s mind. but it’s there.

theoretically, from mount Everest, we could see as far as 340km away. for years, all i knew was that antennas were placed on top of small peaks to get up to 100km visibility…

on top of 1.3km we could see roughly 130km away, if there’s no mountain on front. but that’s from the peak to the sea level…

“the world’s longest line of sight is from Dankova, Kyrgyzstan (5.971 m.) to Hindu Tagh, China (6.436 m.) a total distance of 538km.”

following that link i fell into reddit and then this other nice article about the actual tallest place on earth being in ecuador and friendly to amateur climbers! but that’s still not for me, so i’m glad someone already shared such an alive story.

what’s more… reddit also offered this amazing link where we can precisely measure the like of sight anywhere on earth, with all visuals you might expect from our best (free) earth simulations today. there was where i confirmed what i just knew already, against all experts from this place: yes, it is the sea. it’s completely visible from alvao. and it’s quite a magical view and realization. 😁

alvao sight map