i hate cover letters and you should too! (here’s why)

since i couldn’t quickily find someone blogging or manifesting about this, i’ll collect many links here and keep it as short as i can.

job vacancies are overestimated

it all starts there. the thing is, a job is by far the easiest way to get money. and a steady flow of it. so jobs are great, if you can get one! most of us believe we should grind for it, and there are great ways to do it. but that’s just one part of the reality. certainly the biggest one. still, not the only significant one. especially if we’re not looking to work with what’s in high demand.

cover letters are overestimated!

the right way to do a cover letter is called resume. the letter is simply a lazy way to customize your introduction to a company. that’s really what the resume should be all about… if we stop grinding.

then again, this is the hardest path. it’s so much easier to go with haseeb’s excelent guides, as already mentioned. yes, we still have to count on luck… but not really. if we keep on going and insisting, given there’s so much demand for “talents”, we’re destined to find something. thus, cover letters?!

fuck that.

then what?

portfolio. of one’s life. and yes, i’ve got plenty of it. take it as an instance for you, if you will. am i putting myself as an example or trying to justify my past? please, be my judge. just hit home and google me up, with the customized engine there.

get to know yourself. deeply.

that’s a lot of what ahoxus is all about, but that’s a spin off topic…

the main take away is to do everything you can, daily, to chase your dreams. regardless of life. because of life. it is beautiful, after all. enjoy. act (in the sense of making an action, or doing it, or moving)!

PS: and do yourself a favor, write your own generic cover letter, inside your own portfolio, to link it everytime you feel the urge to apply to a vacancy for any reason. it can save us a lot of time!

and cheers! :)