simply put, privacy is mostly needed to secure lifes from violence. i get it.

it’s, however, like any extreme, also used and unconsciously abused as hindering evolution and public health.

there’s no way to have both privacy and freedom while living in a public space.

picture a lone person living in a completely isolated island. it’s a fully 100% private life, as any other person might be concerned. and it’s also fully free.

what if we add another person in the same island? it’s also easy to picture how now there’s a public space, if they share any boundaries. even a sight or simply noise making. it’s almost impossible, in a small island without any mountains and dense jungle, to escape the public space.

and as long as there is such a place that’s shared between the two lone islanders, there will not be privacy there. the more privacy each one gets, the less freedom they have to live in that space the other one isn’t allowed in.

simple enough, right?

you want privacy for fear of security, forfeit freedom.

you want freedom for fear of limitation, forfeit privacy.

you want both, give up on public spaces. and yes, a city is always a public space for, at least, noise intensity. not only sound, even an isolated chamber is taking space and making noise in the “space taking” sphere. and it will be taxed.

now… where does the “right to be forgotten” enters in this formula?

perhaps it’s the kind of thing that bothers me the most.

for full disclosure, i strive myself for 100% freedom. as i have had always done. or at least as close as possible for good individual health, against the so called violence. and, as far as i’m concerned, if i’m not living in a war zone, nor am i working for the army/secret service, my health safety is covered already.

deleting data, in any format, is claiming for privacy. not releasing data to the public is exactly the same. both are legal rights. but they’re associated with “freedom”. it might be a free will exerted, for an individual, but it actually decreases the freedom level for the group of people, unaware of that data. or space.

it’s easy to picture that giving a bank password away or your home address is an invitation to thieves. but how about giving away “hey, i’m a thief” data? isn’t that the exact same privacyright being broken, when we, as a society, need that data to comply with other laws?

the walls of castles are built as preventive measures against the lack of power to fully have access to freedom. not just of space and time, but also data. because if we know who did what at all times, we don’t need to build walls. we know not only who did it, but who’s doing and even who’ll do whatever breach in the freedom of others.

of course, in a island with full freedom in a public space, there’s also no possession. so there’s nothing to be stolen. it’s not ever a real island, right? how can we produce a piece of cloth to protect a child from the cold that can also be used by an adult? it doesn’t fit. it clearly belongs to the child. right?

and why do anyone want to know what have written? the present is all that matters. forget my past. context. future predictions through past studies. science. data, like space, isn’t relevant for privacy concerns. all that matters is security and people respecting each others rights to be alone. in the group.

wonder what’s wrong with the world today… why are we isolating ourselves so much if we are just being just according to everyone rights!

sarcasm aside… this is yet another TK manifesto. to be improved. any help is appreciated. almost all my data content is public, after all! and even my address and bank account will eventually be, if i can get into a self sustained community. of course, then the account won’t ever have much money, like now. but it’ll also be unimportant if i lose it. because i’ll know who did it. and i’ll be able to do something about it if i choose to.

oh, the incompleteness of writing words!