you might prefer to see the portfolio instead!

although i’ve worked writing code for most of my career, what i’m most proud of have very little to do with computers (mostly from the magical/sabbatical 2014!):

  • your home was an accidental bootstrap i’ve created and discontinued during 6 months starting october 2014. 10% of it was about coding, the rest was divided among marketing, support and managing the business.
  • pcsedados service order system made in 2003 for about 2 months, still in use today. granted, most of it was coding, but the things i’m satisfied about it are basically the logic behind it and its longetivity.
  • abaixa tampa (lower the toilet lid), a theater play in portuguese made in 3 months starting july 2014. i’ve co-wrote and co-stared in it, being one of the most proeminent actor in both ends, on my very first professional-ish experience in front of an audience. got lots of and only nice feedback from it.
  • just a regular damme day, “cool” video made in about 5 days from march 2014, in a basketball court. first and only video i’m glad to have done, so far…

now, i do have worthy coding projects, which were fun to build (and that’s about it):

  • this very site is all open sourced, with the simple yet powerful jekyll and github.
  • basiux contains a small neat javascript Ai I’ve ported from another language in about 3 days from december 2015.
  • formigas, another tiny game in MIT’s Scratch made in about 5 days from january 2014.
  • trefnoc is a (now disfunct) python script to convert videos in a background queue from may 2010.
  • luckyshit, very tiny game in Unity3D made in about 10 hours guess when? september 2014.
  • StackOverflow and GitHub profiles.

and here are completely unimpressive projects:

same sky walk over auckland photo it’s a me again! always enjoying life. about every other day, on average. :)