pwa is such a good name which is just way


microsoft got github. sooner or later, ms distortion field will take over and screw everything up. technically speaking. in practice, this is what happened every single time.

i won’t wait for that to happen. i’ll migrate out before it happens! yes, this site is on jekyll and github pages.

and, on top of it, i want to also make the site work offline, in every sense. so far, the only platform i’ve found that gets close to pass my simple test is gatsbyjs. just load their website on android. activate airplane mode. reload the page. every page you’ve visited will simply work!

next step is making the whole site to work too, if you stay long enough on it for download to finish. also, there’s not so much to download. images can be progressive (load per request only). text can fit in a few mb at most. a big offline button can be offered (rather than the useless cookie one).

the biggest single reason i still haven’t migrated is i want to make sure there isn’t any other better option… still didn’t get there.

as for the hosting, it’ll now be on gitlab and netlify. that’s more consolidated already.

nocode would be beautiful, but i don’t believe so much in it. couldn’t find anything good enough. rather stick with low code.