a piece of crap, guaranteed

it's just amazing how terrible it is


0000121 -> 04/16 = 25%

it’s been a long time i don’t do a film manifesto or write about the rating system.

this is the biggest upside of every terrible thing: it inspires us to do better, and even teaches us what’s bad in practice.

keep in mind most of my writings about any story are made to who either know the story or don’t care for spoilers!

although, in this case, i would bet that nobody would be against knowing anything about the story upfront.

  • the whole movie is about a lawsuit against “love guaranteed” an online dating service with a false promise. like any other such service today.

  • the company is shown to be “evil” by every means, yet the lawsuit doesn’t even try to focus on that.

  • on top of it, they end up gladly accepting the deal from the devil, and even negotiate with it!

  • not to mention the notion of love equalised to marriage is both wrong and detrimental to society, despite the obviously mislead popular belief.

  • it gets points for having a nice tagline “love is actually not guaranteed, nothing is”, being an easy story to tell (international), and showing a little bit of caring (taking about love), but it doesn’t dig deep enough to be good.

and sorry, but, again, this is just yet another draft. 😁