a piece of crap, guaranteed

epic movie


0000000 -> 0/16 = 0%

i should probably do more of those film ratings…

and add the years and a movie gallery. TK

there might be spoilers ahead, but there’s nothing to be spoiled when it’s rotten from the beginning.

there are perhaps 2 times i find it slightly funny or good:

  • naked women, which permeates the movie in the most sexist fashion but, you know, it’s still lovely to see naked women i think. and;

  • naked men. although the men never get fully naked, there’s this one scene which focus on one man junk, the slow motion running. it’s almost unexpected, since they never show much of naked men except for borat and gross things.

everything else is just bad. i won’t go through the points, they’re not worth it.

perhaps i should rewatch scary movie and see if i would also think it’s terrible today, because it’s pretty much the same concept. the blonde woman lead even looks the same.

i skipped through most of the film, many 5 seconds lost.

what’s really good about a well produced movie like this being so terrible is just looking at what went bad…

i think the main point is because they try too hard to land the jokes while doing way too much exposition of the jokes. it’s like they’re always trying to explain the joke.

that and the fact the jokes are actually bad. at one point right in the beginning a “kid” gets willy wonka excited about a chocolate river, a scene that takes at least 30 seconds, only so willy will say that it was actually the sewer.

unless you’re really into trash movies with good production, save yourself from watching this piece of crap.