what’s the difference to an ad?


so, [ads] are generally bad. terrible. right?

yes. generally.

but only because of how we’ve been abusing them.

there’s also such a thing as a good ad. which is kind of the idea behind referrals: you know i need something, and you refer me to a solution.

referrals are, however, also greatly abused. they’re placed everywhere, like ads, trying to reach anyone and so they are equally broadcasted to everyone, out of context, when there’s zero interest. or even negative.

i personally despise both ads and referrals for this very reason.

so i don’t do ads.

but sometimes i do referrals.

they’re actually ads.

so i do do ads.

they’re called in place ads in some places.

another big difference: i don’t rely on their revenue. i actually never even got any penny out benefit out of those attempts so far.

the agreements are also not binding. there’s no contract. it’s just a binding link which can be claimed later on, in case they judge the link was used to their satisfaction.

perhaps i should even stop to do them, just so the message “i don’t agree with the way we do ads today” come across more clearly.

but, well… here’s a cheers to the perfect imperfection of [reality]. 😁