a pistol

first, the story of a robbery

i was recently reminded by facebook (link to a post there, which is basically about another person’s take off a very similar experience they just had, followed by a very similar reflection) of a very old story of mine.

it’s a reflection about caring for anyone and everyone… and nobody, all at once.

if you have 10 minutes to spare, you may enjoy reading through it all (including the links)!

it was 2014, october. over 5 years ago. zero did i know that a year later i would finally get away from that dreadful place (sao paulo) to gladly never again return after looking back once.

and i’m amazed at how i still stand behind basically everything i wrote there, on the story. except for one major detail: i’ve used too much they, which excludes myself from the responsibility i did have while i was still living there, as a citizen. and a few other similarish rookie mistakes, although much less impactful, such as using “worst” instead of “worse” or counting on external hosted images and content for the integrity of the story.

that last mistake (counting on external links) is hard to come around though. but i’m trying much harder now! too bad the internet isn’t properly designed to handle this, as it should.