yes, this is not social media.

after irc and orkut, everyone knows there’s twitter, facebook and some people are even aware of diaspora.

nope, scuttlebutt isn’t like any of those, except for that same feeling of trying to connect with people to talk about nothing.

i won’t go into details now. the [duck] can tell you all about it.

just want to say what’s so different about it: [backup]. yes, it’s actually a decentralised protocol. like the internet. and meant for being unable to delete data. like reality.

in this sense, it’s much better concerned about [privacy] than even emails! it’s still far from being as functional as it should, but at least the theory and ideas are sound. well done.

[let me know] if you want to connect with me there! it might be fun. 😁

although i hardly use it for now… it’s still too complex to use it on the “world wide web”.

rather [go with] mastodon or perhaps delta chat… still [investigating] all the options, haven’t settled in one.


TK this probably needs its own mani.

basically, this is the [foss] version of twitter. [unhosted] and decentralised.

and the main problem we face there is the same as with all decentralisation: [anonymity] (trolls, spam, etc).