what is search?

and what is love? (joke tk)

on the internet, being able to search is what made it actually useful. search is second only to the other key computer feature which is also way to often forgotten: redundancy.

yes, search is everything!

and, yet, it’s almost nowhere to be found for way too many little things. like books. anyone still use a dictionary to find the meaning of a word or a paper map to navigate while driving? why are we still so inexplicably using books to search our souls? anyway…

more importantly, it’s an easy feature almost always readily available on a desktop, which nowadays is moving towards the chromebook and “always online” (but please, telemetry #offlinefirst), and almost completely ignored on mobile. ok, i mean android, but i bet it’s the same in every smartphone. perhaps even worse, since android is by far the most permissive for apps. but even with apps, there isn’t one that can simply “google” my phone. you know, like cmd or ctrl + f or spotlight. ok, even chromebooks don’t have it that advanced, and windows (who cares) also have nothing since gds was abandoned. but still…

i just wanted to hit search and find my data, which could all be public for all i care, whatever it was. email, calendar, files, notes, clipboard history, somewhere online, etc. since that won’t happen anytime soon, i would be really happy already with just being able to search each where. anywhere.

with that note, i gtg and leave this draft as one of the worst ones so far! cheers. 🤪