also my manifestos around them

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people love to ask me (at least in online forms) for my social links, as if it was hard to find them or better for profiling than my own website!

hint: it’s not. both.

so i decided to compile them all here, in order of preference.


[library], or L-brie how i like to call them, are creating the new internet DNS that nobody knows about! on top of it, using blockchain. and they shall even replace youtube for [videos]!


uniquely awesome! i’m using manyverse, but there’s still no easy way to link the profile, i think.


this is almost as good as scuttlebutt, but people actually use it!


nobody asks for this, for some reason… but, specialty if [jimmy] can fix the [wiki], everyone should have one!


in here my love is fading away (you know, after microsoft bullshit).

below are deleted ones, as explained further here.


i actually loved twitter, despite so many flaws such as verification and exaggerated minimalism.


not as evil as microsoft, in reality.


owned and controlled by [microsoft], which is always at least a 51% bad thing.


never heard


you know… it’s [google] social that wasn’t shut down. the big G is also the least bad one of the big techs… but it’s still truly evil nonetheless.