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[CNAi 2w] the bitcoin future is determined! (2016 feb 05) [tech] (1)
How will singularity be like and by when will we achieve it? Completely and utterly forever changed before 2040 [fun] (1)
TestTube - just found out this very cool scientific (ish) youtube journal, filled with interesting topics! :) [social] (1)
Basiux's play escape - a new attempt for meeting up with people, now using a theatrical game as a plot device [help] (1)
How can Ai help countries in need? Or developing countries. Or ourselves [social] (1)
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Up in the Air (2009) 14/16 brings a delightful comedy about relationships without any lectures [films] (1)
Stricly Sexual (2008) 14/16 is a little underrated jewel and almost perfect in every sense - consistent, caring [films] (1)
Basiux square is up for longest time, and "quadrado" is open just now! join in the slack-ish OS conversation :) [buffer] (2)
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Making of IMRS - a great sex film led me to finally move my ass into making a raw version of "the advisor" [tech] (1)
Crowdsourcing blog posts - find a niche, outreach to experts, compile it, show it back, profit [social] (1)
Fiction can never be as convincing as stories truly based on real facts, because of how the brain works [social] (1)
Pareidolia time! 3 days before his last day, I really suck at recognizing faces - what's yours brain failure? [fun] (1)
The sound of your own voice does influence your emotions, just like smiling can make you happy! 😍😂😡😱😆 [tech] (1)
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