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A lot of cregox's ramblings and somewhat incoherent thoughts very much shaped by the brazilian culture. (There are more posts on the <a href="/c/portuguese/blog">portuguese category</a>).


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

public emails

Ever hoped to have an easy way to keep an email conversation in the public? Here you go.


It's all a matter of organizing data, anyway.


<a href="">Benevolent Artificial Super Intelligence User eXperience</a>.


Any topic written in portuguese should be in here. This is like a "sub-forum".

chaotic science

Originated thanks to SGU, this is also this talk space origin. On top of that, chaos and science are two of cregox favorite topics!

food seekers

<a href="">Food seekers</a> is a mix of a film, game and educational material. Soon... <img src="/talk/images/emoji/emoji_one/wink.png?v=0" title=":wink:" class="emoji" alt="wink">


cregox knowledge database, the wiki way, constantly changing and improving (until basiux can take over).

Free Goodies

Curated list of cool and <strong>free</strong> stuff we find. Those <strong>may</strong> be last for <em>a very limited time</em>!