A beginning for the forums here


Hello there,

This is the origin of this "forum".

All thanks to that amazing podcast, The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.

I hope this little sandbox can grow up with your help!

Cheers. ^_^

Future of Life granting an editor autonomous weapons?
Welcome to cregox talk

Here's the roadmap for this forum, as I said in the linked origin post:

I will keep it working and updated for 2 years, so until June 2016, and if it's still a ghost town like today I'll drop it.

If you got a better domain to host this, please step forward. If you're a moderator in the original, just register here and let me know, you'll become one here as well. And if you want to take all this off my hands because you can do it better, please, be my guest. I do not want to own this, I'm just trying to initiate it because I really believe it should be awesome for the community!

But it's been 2 weeks and I got almost zero feedback. Is anyone else here? frowning



It has been over 1 year now, and the roadmap changed a bit.

Talk became my blog, my support forums (for a while) and my main source of information in general.

It's not going away anymore as, in last case scenario, I'll find a free host for it.

Also, we've got no relationship with sgu forums whatsoever. Never did.


The link there was to a post now lost (the folks there lost all the data), in which I was literally illuded.

Today the forum is still a "ghost town" since I'm still the only somewhat active user around. :frowning:

And I'm keeping it up at a huge hosting cost... Needing to move this to a free solution (since now I also got a will to move away from discourse, although I shall continue living with it if I can find a free host and easy way to move). I'd ask here "any hints anyone?" but ghosts won't answer! :smiley: