A feedback for my application at crossover


Hey Guys,

I applied for the Java Software Architect position. I get to step 4 - project evaluation.
After spending 3days/nights on redesigning/refactoring/bug fixing of their given project I've
successfully uploaded it on time.

So after one day I get an automatically generated email from the crossover saying that my application is rejected because of following issue:
"Failed to achieve the minimum score"

So it is quite strange to get feedback on Sunday (I submitted on Saturday). I think that they didn't even review my app.

I have a broad experience in developing java enterprise applications - more than 10 years.
So I am more than sure that my test project in the crossover at least is not the worst one to say that I "Failed to achieve the minimum score" :slight_smile:

So I think I just waste my VALUABLE time on this process. Spent nerves and a lot of energy, And get a very unrespectful reply from them. They can even mention WHY it has been rejected?


Hi guys, thks you for your deifferent feedback about your experience at Crossover.
I applied for Software Engineer -PHP, i did the 3 days project evaluation and i m invited to a technical interview on Skype.
Please did someone have ever pass this technical interview? I just want to know what type of questions they ask in order to prepare myself.

Thank you for any feedback.


Hello Mr.Punto,

They have all the employees they need. They just hanging a bait for each of us for a FREE 3-day working on the Project-evaluation test. Here is my story.
Never bother to applying your CV to this company. Never ever ever.
They say they are hiring top 1% talented employees over the world for only half payment as the employees should receive if they are citizens of USA. The big company love this, cut down payment for good. The third world country' employees also love this, big increasing income for good. Ok, that explains the bloody recruitment process as you should prepare yourself before joining the game. Top 1%.

It took me 1 hour for the technical screen test. Passed. On Oct-1st, 2016.
Then the 3-days project test. They assigned you a task, only 3 days to complete. As you will see on multiple forums, the candidates all use almost 3 days to work on that assigned project, sleep about 4-5 hours/day, bloody, yes, so was I. 60 hours working for free. Yes, stupid me.
After submitting my work to them, 3 days later, ON SUNDAY, Oct-9th, they sent me an email asked for an interview meeting, as I would assume that I passed the 3-day project evaluation test. And request me to "REPLY WITHIN TODAY". Who the hell on Earth should be checking email & working on SUNDAY? And tell me not to reply by email, only adding Skype account of ONLY the interviewer and that's good.

Fortunately, I did, replied 2 hours later from the time they sending that email. And I provided them my available time spot for the interview. For 3 day, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday that week (Oct-12th, Oct-13th, Oct-14th), from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For double checking, I replied by email AND Skype.

What did I get? Silence, no answer from them, no email, no Skype message. The interviewer ignored me all the time she was online.

Until the next Saturday, Oct-15th, when all my available time was run out, she replied to me on Skype asked me to set up another time spot, this time she chose, on Wednesday, Oct-19.
But 20 days have passed and I got another project to work on. So I must delay Crossover's job, so I asked her if I could reserve my application status for later. As a big online company, they should save all information and status of their candidates. That's for their own good, right? But she answered me that nope, they will delete all mine and next time I must re-do the bloody 3-days project test. Another free 50-60 hours working.
At this point, I start to notice all they love is that FREE 50-60 hours working from their candidates. The more they do that test, the more benefits they’ll get. What, that could be sold for money, big and real project they got us working on as an assignment. If your work is bad, no damage. If yours is good, sold. My assignment is acceptance test for a Beta CRM [Customer Relationship Management] service. After I submitted my work, now most of my reported bugs/defects are fixed.

My interviewer also wanted to get some more. She asked if I no longer interesting in their job, she will cancel my application. After 1 week waiting on her ignoring, this is the first time she be so quickly and good at their job! Then I asked her if she need an confirmation email from me for that, she said nope, just silence (from me or from them?) and they’ll be fine.

At this point what I notice is they don’t need any evidences to disqualified you, just silence from them [might lead to another silence from you], or a failed interviewing report [with no cross-checked from anyone else] from the interviewer and you are gone. If you make further investigation on your interviewer, you might find out that they have no more experience or technical knowledge than you on what you are applying your application for.

I think you might get disqualified by the interviewers themselves [since most of their employees now came from a same country, it’s Indian if anyone from you could checked], as well as, get lost in the long waiting process also caused by the interviewers. OR you could get disqualified by the Crossover company who somehow never need your labour from the beginning, they just want their perfect FREE 50-60 hours working assignment for selling to their customers.

That’s it, I moved on with a SCAM story to telling you, never get this bait as me. I thought about leave in silence but I don't think they should take advantage on any of us like that, not any more.


Don't waste your time there. They're either complete SCAM or trying to hire so special people that are very rare to find. I guess you will not pass in 99,99 percent. I worked on their task for 3 days and did more than 95 percent of the work, all their required features were matched. Even though it was quite good and it had some extra features, they found something to say against it. They will ALWAYS find something to say against your project and a reason to thank you for your time as say goodbye. It's very unreal to have such high expectations for a project that is done in 72 hours.


CrossOver for work under the hood is filled with unethical criminals. Stay away from them. They treat people like shit both before and after hiring. They say they hire contractors but treat them as employees internally. Almost all their clients like DevFactory, Versata, Ignite Technologies etc treat their people like employees. This is illegal as per US laws. No company can treat an independent contractor as an employee which is a serious first degree felony and will bring with it class action. All of CrossOver and it's clients like DevFactory, Versata etc are involved in this scam. That's why they were thrown out of Elance in March 2015. CrossOver was the result of gTeam FZ LLC being thrown out of Elance due to illegal misclassification just because Elance didn't wanted to get into trouble. More than 1000s of contracts with Elance got ended in March 2015 just because Elance became aware of the misclassification and decided to throw them out. Also their tool WorkSmart is a copy of Elance/UpWork tracker. Stay away from CrossOver


same for me... no detailed answer at all.


I'm fully agree with your opinion about application process. TopTal has almost the same, but they are use Codility and test only algorithm problems.